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to follow along with the adventures from the critically acclaimed and wildly popular television programs

hosted by Francesco Panella


Francesco Panella who successfully brought his family's culinary tradition from Antica Pesa Rome to New York will rekindle not only fires but also hope. With his experience, Francesco will return to Italy to support the members of his beloved restaurant industry in their moment of crisis. Follow along as five family-run restaurants, who have been severely tested by the health emergency linked to Covid-19 (just like the vast majority of others around the world) are taken under the wing of Francesco for his advice to fix their business models and understand how to deal with a changed reality. The parents, children, siblings, and friends join with the commitment, sacrifice, and passion from Francesco to support the many kitchens that are in danger of going out for the first edition of "Riaccendiamo i Fuochi" a program produced by EndemolShine Italy for Discovery Italia.

CC Bennet Pimpinella_LITTLE BIG ITALY 3.

The challenge of "Made in Italy" around the world. The famous restaurateur Francesco Panella travels to discover the places of Italians abroad who compete for the title of the best ambassador of local cuisine. Since 2018 when this show aired on Discovery viewers have become enamored with the competition program! Francesco travels the globe to find the most authentic Italian restaurants in various locations (Paris, Spain, New York, London, Boston, San Francisco, Berlin) and finds three Italian ex-pats living in each location. They show Francesco their favorite Italian restaurants and he chooses the winner of the most authentic. The first season of the show was instantly successful, after airing just a few episodes of season one it was picked up for a second season (2019) and a third season following right after (2020) "Little Big Italy" a program produced by Magnolia for Discovery Italia.


Premiered 2013

Airs on Food Network Italia & Gambero Rosso 

After moving to New York in 2012 to open his family's restaurant, Antica Pesa, Francesco decided to take his viewers along for his New York adventures. Fondly known by his nickname, Brooklyn Man, the show displays the most unusual spots around the Big Apple for dining, while sharing the personal stories of culinary leaders in New York. The show has aired for six consecutive seasons spanning from 2012 to 2018; and due to its popularity, Brooklyn Man became the best selling book in 2014, published in Italian by Newton Compton Editore. Reruns of the show still air to this day on various food & travel channels throughout Europe.



Premiered 2011

Airs on Food Network Italia, Gambero Rosso & Dplay 

In 2011 Francesco began hosting “Il Mio Piatto Preferito” (My Favorite Dish), a TV show on Gambero Rosso Channel HD, on digital platform Sky. In each episode of this talk show, Francesco invited a celebrity and a famous chef to prepare the celebrity’s favorite dish while discussing food and wine. Francesco interviewed many of the most well-regarded personalities in Italy at the time, such as Christian DeSica, Carlo Verdone, Mara Venier, Lino Banfi, Marco Giallini, among many others The show ran for three seasons in which Francesco is

credited as host and writer. Reruns of the show still air to this day on various food & travel channels throughout Europe.

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